Katie McLachlan Market Update Squamish

Here we are in June already – how are we half way through the year? Insanity.

OK, back to real estate… generally speaking, we saw a slight drop off in sales volume, sales price and inventory throughout the month of May. I also saw a few reduced prices (which I haven’t seen in 2021) and properties sitting on the market a little longer than March and April. That being said, the year-over-year statistics still show a very successful month for Squamish Real Estate with 31%, 38% and 17% increases for detached properties, townhomes/duplexes and condominiums in Squamish.

As always, here are the numbers for May. First with an overview of Squamish as a whole, and then broken up by property type.

Average Sold Price: $1,011,245 (+16.6% Y-O-Y)
New Listings: 113 (+46.8% Y-O-Y)
New Sales: 91 (+313.6% Y-O-Y)
Average Days on Market: 14 (-64.1% Y-O-Y)
Absorption Rate: 63% (+554.2% Y-O-Y)

Average Sold Price: $1,441,652 (+31.6% Y-O-Y)
New Listings: 43 (+19.4% Y-O-Y)
New Sales: 33 (+175% Y-O-Y)
Average Days on Market: 14 (-75% Y-O-Y)
Absorption Rate: 46% (+291.5% Y-O-Y)

Average Sold Price: $945,852 (+38% Y-O-Y)
New Listings: 37 (+131.3% Y-O-Y)
New Sales: 23 (+360% Y-O-Y)
Days on Market: 8 (-60% Y-O-Y)
Absorption Rate: 70% (+500.9% Y-O-Y)

Average Sold Price: $530,989 (+17.2% Y-O-Y)
New Listings: 27 (+28.6% Y-O-Y)
New Sales: 28 (+600% Y-O-Y)
Days on Market: 19 (-13.6% Y-O-Y)
Absorption Rate: 84% (+1,530.8% Y-O-Y)

It’s worth noting that townhomes in Squamish have seen monthly increases in the average sale price since the start of the year. Here is a monthly overview for the last 5 months:
January: $743,825,
February: $833,161,
March: $899,763,
April: $906,679,
May: $945,852

That shows a HUGE $200,000 increase in the average sold price of a townhome in Squamish since January. Keep in mind, this does not mean that every townhome in Squamish is worth $200,000 more today than it was at the start of the year (although, there has been significant increases across the board). The average sold price is determined by the kind of inventory that sold throughout the month. For instance, there have been newer & more expensive townhouse products selling recently like the TarsemHaus, Newport, SEAandSKY and SEVEN Peaks which drives up the average sold price for the townhouse category.

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